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Case Management Agency

Case Managers provide indirect services to help members get access to Aged and Disabled Waiver Services and other services as deemed necessary. 

Case Managers also coordinate services to ensure that services are not duplicated. Case Managers serve as advocates and as a care coordinator for the member.

Case Managers meet directly with each member every six months to conduct in-home assessments and develop service plans to ensure the member's needs are being adequately addressed and met.

Case Managers will at a minimum, contact member's via telephone on a monthly basis and assist the member with services, resources and supplies as needed.

According to policy as outlined in Chapter 501 Aged and Disabled Waiver Services, Case Managers are to: 

A. Evaluate social, environmental, service, and support needs of the individual....

B. Develop and write an individualized Service Plan

C. Coordinate the delivery of care....

D. Proactively identify problems and coordinate services....

E. Provide advocacy on behalf of the member to ensure continuity of services....

F. Ensure that a member’s (or legal representative) wishes and preferences are reflected in the development of the Service Plan and Plan of Care....

G. Assure that a member’s legal and human rights are protected.

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